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Irresistible (2020)

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Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper



Comedy, Drama



Set shortly after Donald Trump's 2016 election victory, a Democrat Party campaign consultant sees an opportunity to help a veteran run for mayor in a small conservative Mid-west town. 



Irresistible is in essence a satirical irreverent take on politics, in particular the American Presidential campaign system and the role the media plays in enabling it. Gary (Steve Carell) works on the Democratic Presidential campaign and comes across a video of a retired veteran (Chris Cooper) in a conservative mid-western town who appears to hold left-wing values. Seeing this as an opportunity to gain traction in red states, Gary heads out in an attempt to convince and assist him in running for town mayor. Seeing this as a potential threat, Republican campaign worker Faith (Rose Byrne) is sent out to extinguish Gary's efforts.

Being predominantly a comedy, which brings with it an inevitable level of subjectivity, this was always going to split audiences to some extent. Add the fact that the humour is an odd mix of subtlety and absurdist satire, along with the somewhat sensitive subject matter, 'Irresistible' was always going to be a little extra divisive and polarising in its reception. 

In saying that we found this film to be utterly inoffensive and suspect the masses will agree. The film is mostly balanced in terms of political stance and the majority of the humour targets the political system itself. Though not consistently hilarious, the film does offer enough laugh-out-loud moments to be memorable for its humour. The majority of satisfaction we got out of our viewing though was a result of the agreeable (if sometimes shoved down our throat) message of the film, which highlights the many absurdities involved in political campaigns and the backwards motivations of those involved.  

The main detraction from the overall message really hitting home was the fact that, though done for comedic/artistic reasons, the characters are quite absurd and not believable as real people which results in a slight lack of relatability at times. 



For a political-based comedy/drama we found 'Irresistible' a fairly easy watch. We didn't laugh consistently but did laugh loudly on multiple occasions. Those who hold extreme political positions may find some offense in the content but we suspect the 99% will find the subject matter and message of the film utterly agreeable. 




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