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Behind Her Eyes (2021)

STREAMING (Australia)



Simona Brown, Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman



Drama, Mystery, Thriller



A single Mum has a chance encounter with her new boss the night before his first day on the job. This starts a complicated relationship with him, his troubled wife and a mysterious past. 



Behind Her Eyes doesn't really give away too much in its basic premise. A complicated extra-marital relationship between a boss and his employee isn't anything new as far as story-telling devices go. It is the mysterious dynamic between all three individual leads and the unravelling of the couple's backstory which really kick this series into gear.

It is fairly difficult to go into too much plot detail without tainting your viewing experience, this really is a story best viewed with as little prior knowledge as possible. In essence the lead character, Louise, strikes up some sort of relationship with her new boss, David. David and his wife, Adele, very clearly have a complicated relationship where neither seem entirely happy, and it is clear that there is an underlying mystery from their past which is causing this. This past is subtly revealed to us throughout the series in the form of flashbacks from ten years earlier. 

If unpredictability is an attractive quality in a television series, you will not be disappointed here. We can honestly say that despite many theories and suspicions throughout, we were constantly surprised by plot turns and revelations from beginning to a very satisfying end. The pacing is excellent, we are starting to wonder if 'Six' really is the magic number in terms of episodes for a mini-series. The acting is good without anyone really blowing us way, but the intrigue of the story is where Behind Her Eyes really hits a home run. If you are unable to suspend disbelief at points or gloss over a few 'conveniences' in the plot you may have a little trouble with the way the story unfolds, otherwise this is a compelling watch. 



Behind Her Eyes was, if nothing else, a very pleasant surprise. The relationships and drama are interesting in themselves, but it is the underlying mystery which kept us compelled to keep watching and find out more. There are some contrivances in the plot which may slightly deter the pickier of viewers, but a majority will find this an extremely satisfying experience from top to bottom.  




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