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Cobra Kai (2018-) Season 1-3

STREAMING (Australia)




Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Xolo Mariduena



Action, Drama.



Decades after their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout, a middle-aged Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence find themselves martial-arts rivals again.



This show is... Awesome! Just watch it!

OK I'm told we need to be a bit more in-depth. If you have not seen the original Karate Kid movies from the 80's I strongly advise you check them out before watching Cobra Kai. The show is full of throwbacks and references which will completely go over your head otherwise. They are worth watching in and of themselves, especially the first two. 

As the plot summary suggests, Cobra Kai follows Daniel and Johnny as 50-something year old men as they negotiate new age-appropriate dramas in their respective lives - as well as managing to find time to reignite their decade old personal feud.

Johnny is unemployed and at absolute rock-bottom. Daniel runs a successful car dealership. Things spice up when Johnny begrudgingly saves a teenage boy from some bullies and is subsequently inspired to reopen the Cobra Kai Dojo. 

As mentioned, Cobra Kai is one big nostalgia trip, however it really does stand on its own two feet quite well and is arguably superior to the films in most ways. The creators have done a brilliant job of bringing the tone of the 80's films - with all the cringe, romance, action and comedy that comes with it - into the 21st Century and it just works.  



We just love Cobra Kai. The episodes are short and sweet and it takes itself just the right amount of serious. There aren't really any negatives in our opinion, the quality has remained strong after 3 Seasons - perhaps slightly dipping from S1 to S2, but then came back with a Season 3 which we actually rated highest of the three. 




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